Old Fashioned Bedspreads

Old Fashioned Bedspreads
Old fashioned bedspreads never go out of style.

Their simplicity and ease of use is unmatched. They don't require bedskirts or shams, they're machine washable, and it's a snap to make the bed! You can easily dress them up with toss pillows, but they're gorgeous all by themselves...

These exceptional bedspreads are made by a new generation of craftsmen, but the commitment to quality remains the same. They've been re-sized to fit today's larger beds, and the color choices have been updated but they're still made right here in the USA!

You'll want to check out all the exquisite styles- at first glance they look alike, but you'll notice subtle differences in pattern, style and trim.

All styles are designed with a 21" drop length, including trim.

P.S. Don't forget to check out our other Vintage Style Bedding! We've listed a few of our favorite old fashioned quilts below- Betsy's Cottage, Clementine's Cottage, and Tea Cabin. These quilts are made in India.

American Tradition Bedspread
Lightweight with a soft nubby texture. Available in white and antique.
Martha Washington Bedspread
Classic style with soft nubby texture. Available in White, Natural and Blue & White.
Queen Elizabeth Bedspread
Substantial weight matelasse bedspread. Available in 7 colors. Elegant design.
Tuscany Matelasse Bedspread
Intricate floral vine motif using heavy matelasse construction. Available in 7 colors.
Abigail Adams Bedspread
The most elaborate design. Heavy matelasse construction with trapunto detailing. Available in 7 colors.
Cape Cod Bedspread
Nautical themed bedspread with seashell and lattice pattern. Available in 7 colors.
Heritage Bedspread
Simple leaf and medallion pattern. Available in 7 colors.
Colonial Rose Bedspread
Light weight matelasse design in floral pattern. Available in 5 colors.
Old-Fashioned Quilted Bedspreads - New!
Patchwork bedspreads available in 4 color combos
Betsy's Cottage Old Fashioned Patchwork Quilt
If you love old fashioned bedding, you'll want to check out this handcrafted Americana style quilt.
Clementine's Cottage Old Fashioned Patchwork Quilt
Looking for vintage style bedding? This quilt was made the old fashioned way. Hand quilted and inspired by vintage textiles.
Tea Cabin Vintage Style Quilt
Our best-selling quilt! Antique look "tea stained" patchwork quilt with tons of matching accessories.
Chloe Floral Quilt  Set - New!